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We have been using ozone as a form of disinfection for over 10 years.  Ozone is a naturally occurring gas. It is found everywhere in our everyday lives, existing naturally in the upper layers of the atmosphere and formed spontaneously during lightning storms.  Our bodies produce a small amount of it every day to keep our bodies healthy.  Ozone has been used for medical and industrial disinfection for over 100 years.

 Ozone is a powerful anti-microbial agent, killing bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact. Also, as a natural attractant of red blood cells, it stimulates our bodies to heal faster and with less pain. Concerns that ozone can kill good (that is, beneficial) organisms) is valid.  But beneficial organisms are abundant in our bodies and, because they like the place they live, and the place they live likes them, they re-populate exponentially faster than the pathogenic organisms.  Similarly, except for lung and corneal skin cells, all our cells, with the help of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, have the inherent ability to prevent oxidation and damage. 

In dentistry, ozone can be applied during cavity treatments to reduce the bacteria in the tooth that caused the cavity in the first place. It can also be applied into the gums to help fight the bacteria that cause gum disease and abscesses. It can be used to treat sensitive teeth, reducing or eliminating the sensitivity. We also use ozone therapy for pre and post operative (extractions, implants, gum surgery, etc) disinfection and healing, and for healing of ulcers, cold sores, trauma, etc. When used properly, ozone therapy has been shown to be effective and safe in the treatment of oral wounds and infections.

We produce ozone in the office using an ozone generator.  It can be applied in its gaseous form directly to oral areas of infection and pathology.  We call ozone therapy in oral treatments “super charged” peroxide, the most common antimicrobial oxidant, which, essentially, is what it is!   It can also be bubbled through water and used as a disinfectant rinse. It can also be prepared in vegetable oils (ozonids). We use the oils as topical agents that can be applied at both the office and at home.  Exciting new technology also allows us to provide take home ozone water dispensers—the dispensers generate on demand ozone water within a self-contained cylinder.  This is a big deal, as now, our patients can supplement their in-office ozone therapy with longer term, consistent ozone treatment, greatly increasing antimicrobial defense and healing of oral lesions and post operative sites.

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