Zero Inflamation Therapy

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Think about it--you have no inflammation in your mouth.  No cavities, no gum disease, no tissue irritation.  And you know how to keep it that way--for the rest of your life.  At Sausalito Dentistry, we have been helping our patients achieve just that condition for over 2 decades.  We have developed protocols that we call "Zero Inflammation Therapies" because that is what they work to achieve.  And, for the vast majority of our patients, it's really quite easy.  

Most patients join our practice with varied understanding of how long to brush, where in the mouth to brush, when to brush, etc.  Understandable, because, many times, the information they have been given about toothbrushing is contradictory and confusing--and not that effective!   And all but a very few of our new patients "don't floss enough" and feel guilty or bad about it!  Guilt or shame are motivators, but maybe the worst ones, so we tell all our new patients not to feel bad or guilty, because flossing is not the most effective way to keep the areas between your teeth free of infection and inflammation!

Take a look at this short video on the how to neutralize the destructive villains of your teeth and gums --acids and inflammation--for the rest of your life!

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