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Dental Insurance

Sausalito Dentistry accepts all dental insurance plans that allow you to choose your own provider. We are not "In-Network" providers with any insurance carriers because we feel it's important to provide care that is NOT influenced by the rules and limitations of a for-profit insurance company. Our staff, however, is knowledgable about all aspects of insurance billing and can help you maximize your dental benefits so that you can receive the highest quality of care AND receive the maximum reimbursement from your dental insurance.


​Sausalito Dentistry Benefit Plans

No insurance? No problem! We now offer an in-house benefit program so that all of our patients can access high quality dental care at an affordable price. For a yearly fee our benefit plans cover routine cleanings, two routine and one ER exam, and all diagnostic x-rays. Members also receive an additional 15% off of all other treatments and services. Best of all, unlike dental insurance, our membership plans have no maximums, frequency limits, deductibles, waiting periods, or any of the other hassles associated with insurance claims or providers.


You can find out more information about the types of benefit plans we offer, and even sign up online, by clicking the link below:

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Dental Benefit Plan

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