Membership Plan for Delta Patients

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Membership Plan for Delta Patients (Example of savings below)


Sausalito Dentistry's In-Office Membership plan was specifically designed so that patients with Delta Dental PPO insurance can utilize Member benefits while still receiving reimbursements from their dental insurance. For a set yearly fee, the Membership Plan covers routine preventative care and offers a discount on all other treatments and services. After each appointment Delta is billed for the services at the reduced Member price, and the insurance reimbursement is sent directly to the patient. 


Membership Plan (Standard Adult) Includes (for $590/year):

-2 routine dental cleanings

-2 routine doctor exams

 -Necessary x-rays

-10% off all additional treatments, services, and products


Example Savings:

A crown for a Delta Dental patient who is NOT a Member costs $2066.30 With an insurance reimbursement of $500* the total out of pocket patient portion would be $1566.30.


The same crown costs our Members $1756.36. With a Delta reimbursement of $500* the total patient out of pocket cost would be $1256.36, which is a savings of $309.94 - a savings that pays for over half of the cost of the yearly Membership plan!


Additionally, if you have both our Membership Plan and Delta Dental insurance you will not have a copay for your cleanings, exams, or x-rays. When you come in for services covered by both the Membership Plan and by Delta, we will send a claim to Delta for these services. You will then receive a check from Delta which, in effect, becomes a payment from Delta towards your Membership fee. This combined with the additional 10% discount for all other services and the checks from Delta for covered procedures, it is likely that, at the end of the year, the fee for your Membership will be completely reimbursed.


*This amount is used as an example. Your insurance reimbursement may be more or less depending on the specifics of your plan.

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